Serving Our Customers

Companies either provide a Product or a Service. We do not sell our own products. We make your product. We are a Service company.

Service means many things to us here at CAMM Metals. First and foremost, it means delivering a quality product on time. Getting to this end result is where real service to our customers comes in. Service can mean helping a customer reduce costs through better design. It can mean getting immediate updates on the status of your order. Service can mean having a friendly voice on the other end to answer your questions. Service can mean going the extra mile. Service can mean continuously investing in new technology. Service can mean a quick response. Service can be taking the time to understand what a customer needs. Service can mean following through on what we say so that you can keep the promises you make to your customers.

We are a Service company.

Versatile custom sheet metal fabrication capabilities   |   your single-source supplier for custom sheet metal cutting, bending, fabricating, welding, and final finishing.

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