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The welding department is where all of your fabricated and machined components come together and assembly begins. As a CT welding contractor, we specialize in MIG & TIG welding of Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum and use Pulsed welding machines to help control the heat put into a part, minimize distortion, and improve the quality of the parts we produce.

After the welding is complete, we offer many in-house services. These services include, weld inspection with dye penetrant, acid cleaning and polishing of stainless steel welds. Additionally, we are also able to weld and test watertight enclosures.

If you’re unclear on the right type of welding to complete your fabrication project, don’t worry, we can help. We have welding experts in house who can help you create the best plan for every step of the fabrication process, including the type of weld needed to build your final product.

Without proper technique, welding can lead to serious problems in manufactured parts. Low-quality welds are one of the top reasons that manufactured products fall apart, get warped over time, or simply do not hold up. For this reason, we use the top welding techniques and invest in highly-trained welders. Additionally, we quality check every weld that we create, employing Certified Welding Inspectors. With their expertise, we have complete confidence that every weld we finish is of the highest quality.

For those customers who require certified welds, we can certify our welds to AWS D1.1 & AWS D1.6.

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