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At CAMM Metals, Fabrication services are the heart of what we do.

From sheet metal and plate fabrication to structural members to architectural metal work and weldments, CAMM Metals has the latest technology and skilled employees to provide the quality product you are looking for from a CT metal fabrication company.

Before any work begins, everything we do is engineered in the latest 3D CAD program which helps improve quality and reduce the amount of production time needed. From there, our team of Fabricators, CNC operators and Welders get to work. Whether it’s a small sheet metal bracket or large fabrication, 1 piece or 1,000, CAMM Metals is the place thousands of companies have trusted for over 20 years for quality fabricated metal products.

Wondering what type of metal fabrication projects we can handle?

Click here for a complete list of our facilities! No matter what your fabrication needs, are we can work something out that will work for you. If your project requires one of the few services we do not offer, we will handle all outsourcing services for you. When you trust us with your metal fabrication needs, you can be sure that you’ll get the finished product you’re looking for.

We primarily work with steel, aluminum and are experts in fabricating, welding and also finishing stainless steel for both Architectural Metal Fabrication and Commercial products.

From custom tools to beer tanks to screws, we can create whatever metal project you need. Click here for a list of industries that rely on metal fabrication!

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Versatile custom sheet metal fabrication capabilities   |   your single-source supplier for custom sheet metal cutting, bending, fabricating, welding, and final finishing.

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