3D Printing

3D printerCAMM Metals is happy to announce that we’ve recently added a 3D Printing capabilities, as both a tool for internal use and a service to our customers.

3D Printers implement cutting edge technology, with additive processes that are helping to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. They can build anything from the ground up, allowing for far less design restrictions than with CNC machining.

Additive Manufacturing allows users to produce complex functional shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing. These complex machines can greatly improve the prototyping process, making prototypes more precise while reducing production time and costs.

In years past, someone would sketch out his or her ideas on paper or detail the project design in CAD. From there, the product is crafted from metal. Now, 3D printing technology has evolved the prototyping process to be faster, less expensive and more precise. Companies now have the opportunity to evaluate a design through additive manufacturing, allowing them to analyze and improve on design with minimal investment.

The additive process of 3D Printing can also greatly reduce the waste produced during the manufacturing process. The result of this waste reduction is a more efficient manufacturing process, allowing for smarter work within our shop and shorter lead times for your finished product.

3D printing offers incredible opportunities and possibilities for numerous industries, especially in the case of medical technology and prototyping. When a client needs a single highly customized part, this tool can do the job effectively. It is an excellent choice for one-off products like prototypes and small-scale custom products.

We can print high strength parts up to 6″ x 6″x 12″ in a variety of materials including Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Onyx and Kevlar.

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