Sometimes you need more than just a single part made from fabrication shop. Sometimes you have an assembly that requires a variety of phases, skills, and equipment. For the quickest and most cohesive result, you’ll want all of the work done by the same shop. You need a single source supplier that can coordinate engineering, fabrication, CNC machining and welding under one roof to ensure the quality of your product and a prompt and timely delivery. This is where CAMM Metals comes in.

cnc machining

We start in the office using the latest in 3D CAD technology. Parts are drawn and assembled on the computer in 3D to verify fit and ensure quality before a single piece of metal is cut, before any chips are made, before a bead of weld is put down. Our designs will be properly optimized to make use of the latest fabrication technology.

From there our fabricators, machinists and welders use the latest CNC machinery to work together to create your product. Through our thorough plans, each part of your complete product will be created to your exact specifications, working together to build a finished product of the highest quality.

When all of this fabrication work is done in one shop, collaboration between the customer and vendor is simplified. This collaboration ensures the highest quality of products and predictable delivery for both companies.

We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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